Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hope for the Baking Impaired

Last weekend Feast acted as host to a small club gathering. Since it was held in the early afternoon, they requested some sort of cake and coffee to be available. Ok. Not a problem. Actually, a short time ago this would have been a problem. Yes, I can cook but baking, baking with all of it's exact measurements...

The only new years resolution I ever kept was in 2009 when I decided to do away with this fear. Ever since, I've been doing more and more baking for Feast and my catering jobs, instead of hiring my trusted friend and serious baker, Fenella. (although, Fenella is still the master of the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie) Granted, I don't attempt anything too difficult, not yet anyway, but that's alright with me. Sometimes it's enough to take a little nibble out of your fears.

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