Monday, November 1, 2010

The Original American Feast: Thanksgiving

feast thanksgiving

Probably one of the most important things I contribute to this world is providing the American Thanksgiving meal to a bunch of expats and German converts. Every year the requests start trickling in as early as August to claim their seats at the table of the most loved feast of the year.

Why? What is it with this meal that makes people so crazy? I guess as an American, it's like eating a plate of nostalgia with a decent portion of sentiment on top. But it's simpler than that, it just tastes so damn good. And you only get it once a year. (Well, unless you come from a family that basically repeats the whole idea for Christmas dinner, which the Fracassa's do not.)

It's the combination of things on that plate and the way they all work together that has impressed the subconscious so deeply that we have become slaves. We must taste that taste every year, at least once.

I must say that I love my role as the Thanksgiving provider to my extended family here in Berlin. Feast screams Thanksgiving in style and form and we must obey.