Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Italian Street Food: Bringing in the Professionals

cuoco di mistero

She wishes to remain anonymous. One of the best cooks this side of the Po and just south of Wildenbruchstr, has agreed to not only bring her authentic Italian expertise to Feast, but has now also agreed to bring her Mother. This cuoco di mistero has fed me some of the best home cooked meals I've ever had and yes, this includes those cooked by my own parents.

Normally we offer Little Dish on Friday nights here at Feast but in special celebration of 48 Hours Neukölln and as the first installment of the food part of Shellac, Photos and Food, we will be hosting Open Dish instead. We will be opening our door to all a passerby, welcoming them to come in and have a taste or take a taste away.

I consulted this mystery cook earlier in the year about the special menu of Italian street food that I wanted to offer. I can't say that I really knew what Italian street food was, or that I even had had any (gelato surely did not count) but since every culture has street food, I thought the Italians must have their own version and it must be better than all the rest.

Being the master she is, she immediately started brainstorming out loud, going back and forth (in Italian) contemplating the best recipes for my event. She was trying to describe one in particular that seemed perfect for what we wanted but was having a difficult time explaining it in english. She ended by saying with the sweetest Italian accent, "...and then you fry it and it looks like... like a little brain when it's finished." It sounded delicious.

Come and give it and others a try this Friday night, from 6:30pm until 11pm at Feast. And I wasn't kidding, the mystery cook's Mother will be here too.