Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Moveable Feast


The sun was shining and there was warmth. To which god did the couple pray? I wondered. It must have been a fairly influential one because making this happen in Berlin, in this less than magnificent May, took some serious pull.

Charmingly rough around the edges, Villa Luise in Kladow was the location of a wedding celebration for about 100 people. Fortuna's Table (the moveable version of Fortuna's Feast) had the pleasure to be the caterer and also the responsibility to keep the guest's glasses full. It was to be a BBQ and hopefully like none other the mostly all German crowd had known before. No wurst here, tut mir leid.

The menu: simple and full of fresh delights, definitely heavy on the American influence. The staff: hard working, gracious and pleasant- also heavy on the American influence.

It was a wonderful success on all counts. Congratulations to the new couple!









For more images of the wedding, click on a photo to instantly access flickr .

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  1. looks as if it was absolutely perfect and wonderful. congrats to the wedders and good work suzy! xc