Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's not nice to play favorites but...

Easter Brunch was a success. It seems the guests were happy and I found two new favorite brunch dishes. Ham and Sweet Potato Bake with Fried Eggs and Bittersweet Chocolate Waffles with Strawberry Sauce.

Both were concocted dreams of mine and I didn't really know how they were going to turn out. Yeah, yeah, it's risky to put something on a menu that one has not "tested" but that's the point- Feast events are for experimenting. ( fair warning)

There was something automatically delicious about sweet potatoes mixed with caramelized onions and sage- then baked with guyere cheese... it was good but it needed something else. Bacon? No... it was Easter, it needed HAM, a thick cut of pan grilled ham. And no option on those eggs... they had to be fried. I thought this brain child might be orphaned, left behind the poached eggs with salmon and sauce hollandaise but nobody puts cheese bake in the corner. It flew out of the kitchen.

And the chocolate waffles... well, that was a no brainer. It came with a warm homemade strawberry sauce that I spiked with fresh ginger and Jim Beam. I let it bubble on the stove for a hour and a half before throwing in more sliced fresh strawberries. I knew the fresh whipped cream didn't have a chance once plopped on top of the steamy mess but who would really care? Better to seep into the waffle squares, my dear... We even tried to coax an overdue pregnant mommy into labor with them but I guess they weren't that good.

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