Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flattery Will Get You Pancakes

Looks like the "secret" is out. Feast, the hip eatery that caters to young, beautiful creatives has been discovered . Well, this is what the kind people at the BZ have said anyway.

I'm flattered, really. Making my way through the article (the best way I could with my sorry German skills) I was humbled by the sincere appreciation of not only my cooking but also the atmosphere.

They left off pointing readers in the direction of this blog (welcome, BZ reader) for more information about Easter Brunch and about renting the space privately. So, just to let you know, I'll be opening my doors on Easter Sunday, April 4th, taking reservations for two seatings 10:30am and 2pm. I will welcome old and new friends alike to what I would like to call a proper brunch. We Americans believe we have a corner on that market. For reservations send an email to events@fortunastable.de or for more information, click here.

I do these events from time to time to give people a chance to see the inside of Feast and have a taste of the sort of things I prepare. Though, Feast's main desire is to be your private dancer. That's right- yours for a night. Or a day. Not only is it home to my catering kitchen and storage space- it is a legitimate private dinning room for rent. Birthday parties, weddings, office gatherings, private dinner parties and so on...

For every private party booked at Feast, I plan a personalized menu according to the host or hostess' every whim- we can even pick out some wine to match. But, you know what the best part is of having your party at Feast? We clean up. Anyone who knows anything, knows that this is worth more than the the food and drink combined.

If you would like more information about renting Feast for your private event... don't look for a website- it seems to be caught in limbo at the moment. Instead, feel free to email me directly at suzy@fortunasfeast.de or call my business line +49 30 627 32 538.

Well, that's enough self promotion for one day. I'm exhausted.

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